Monday, August 27, 2012

Sad the Summer is over...

I am so sad that summer is over. My mom is a teacher and she goes back today. I will miss my buddy. We tend to hang out everyday over the summer along with my sister and her kids. It was fun too having this summer off to just relax. Now I need to figure out what I am going to do for the winter months. I do have some Senior photos lined up, so that is cool! Well here is a tribute to summer and how much fun it was to have our first pool ever! 

Our Pool! We collaborated and bought a pool together and put it in my sister's yard 
because it was sunny and flat. 

Everyone playing!

John with Addy!

Jeremy and his kids!

My brother, Uncle David w/ Addy!

me being crazy...

John's sister Wynter and us!



Wynter and Brooke

Playing Catch with Jeremy and Wynter

me and my sister (my mom somehow avoided the camera all day)

David and Shannon

Sam and JoAnna

John and Addy (so cute)

Us and the kiddos!

I just need to flex my toes and lose the 10 lbs. I gained from all
the fertility drugs.

JoAnna and Brooke (such a good picture)

Love this!

What a cutie!

My brother, Jonathan, and Brooke

Those are David's feet that Jonathan is holding...

David, I think you are too big for that floaty!

So cute!


nice face!

And some pics from Kate & Mike's Wedding! 
I really need to take more photos of our family. 
When you do it for work, I just forget to bring it along to 
family gatherings! But I do love this photos. 

Driving to the reception!

These are out of order, but I wanted to be picked up too!

I love this one of Wynter and John! So much happiness!

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