Sunday, January 15, 2012

Finishing a Chapter

John and I have recently decided to not continue doing invitro fertilization. We still feel that God is in control of everything! We do not feel like God is telling us to stop or to continue. We feel that He has given us the freedom to make this choice. We are just emotionally and more on my part physically ready to quit. We did one fresh cycle and one frozen cycle and though we have paid for 2 more of each of those, we are happy and relieved to be calling it quits. I have mentioned several times on this blog that we have a huge passion for adoption and foster care. I have had this passion since I was a child. I was willing to give IVF a shot to close that chapter of my life and fully jump in with both feet into the adoption/foster care world. I am fully confident that God can and may bless us with a biological child in the future without the help of fertility treatments. I can say with confidence that I am happy to never be pregnant. I want a family, a large family but I want to create that through adoption. John and I are both happy to help the children of the world.

This is John now.  It was very hard seeing Erin go through the pain of the shots and the cruddy feeling from all the meds that she had to take daily.  She is a strong woman but I could not ask her, even though she was willing, to go through this again.  So when we both had the same feelings about stopping IVF, we knew it was the right thing.  I am excited about moving towards adoption and foster care.  We are volunteers for Butler County Children's Services and hang with the kids when the foster parents are in meetings once a month.  Last week was our first meeting and I was very nervous at first.  About 10 volunteers to ~35 kids.  I felt outnumbered!  I soon was playing air hockey with a 4 yr old and quickly developed my own possee.  At snack time while most volunteers were sitting with 1-3 kids, I had 12 around my table!  We even added another table to give all my kids a seat!  The kids ranged from age 3-9 boys and girls.  I think God is going to do big things in our lives this year and I am scared but very excited to see what this year looked like next Christmas!!

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