Friday, January 27, 2012

Lovin' Life

I love
My life
is good
Rest, relax
Just as I should
I work at night
I take my delight
I am at peace
Still and calm
The cable on
The dogs asleep
The computer roars
My creative heart pours
The brain is wired
Keep me focused
On my tasks
Help me serve
Help me work
As dawn draws near
I get real tired
As the suns comes up
I will retire
To my bed
Ah, so nice
The smell
The comfort
My delight
Lovely dreams
I do not stir
Until Afternoon sings
To the gym
I try to go
To work the fat
That’s starting to show
It’s hit or miss
I should be happy
The sun is shining
The dogs get walked
Then laundry
Dirty dishes
And a little more work
John comes home
We eat dinner
We watch some t.v.
And pray together
He’s off to bed
and my day
starts once again!

Silly poem: by Erin E. Connell

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