Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to my Family!

This week we celebrated Thanksgiving! It was an interesting week. My family and I spent most of the week with my sister who was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. She started having trouble breathing after she developed a cold from maybe the flu shot and then it developed into her lungs. She has asthma so that is never good. She is also pregnant with her third child, so the doctors were very worried about the baby. Our plans were to have Thanksgiving dinner and shop till we dropped on Black Friday. My sister usually has to work so my mom and I go without her. This year she was off, so she was super excited to go with us and then was bummed because she spent the entire week in the hospital. I was so sad for her because she had been looking forward to this for a while now. Even though the week didn't turn out like we planned, I am still soooo thankful for my family. On Thanksgiving day my dad, mom and 2 brothers came to visit my sister in the morning and then John and I got up and ordered Chinese food to bring to the hospital for our big family Thanksgiving feast! Of course, my sister's husband and 2 daughters also joined us. We called about 4 Chinese restaurants until we found one that was opened. It wasn't the best food to be eating on Thanksgiving or the best Chinese food for that matter, but what mattered the most was that all of us were happy and willing to spend Thanksgiving at the hospital together and so my sister could still be apart of the occasion. I wouldn't have it any other way. It is amazing how blessed I am to have the love and support of an amazing family. Of course, we aren't always perfect, but we love each other and would do anything for each other. My mom and I did attack Black Friday and included my sister by calling her when we found amazing deals that we thought she would be interested in. She couldn't sleep anyway as it is always difficult to in a hospital. We shopped from midnight to 6am. It was fun and exhausting.

On Saturday, we had a traditional Thanksgiving feast with John's family. It is amazing how both sides of my family are supportive and loving. Family is my favorite thing of all and I love the big family get togethers. 

As we are trying to have a baby and/or children through adoption or IVF and how frustrating both processes can be, I remember all the good things in my life and smile because I am truly blessed. I have experienced unconditional love from my Savior, Jesus Christ and my earthly family that God has given me. There are so many people in this world that have never had the support and love of family. As I think about my family and what they have given me, it makes me want to give that to other children that are missing this most important thing. I hope and pray that the Lord will grant John and I children to love and support for a lifetime. 

The more time passes me by with my infertility, the more content I become just to be a mom. I do not need to have a little baby. I would love to love any child whether they are 2, 12 or 17. I want them to experience what it means to be called family and to feel as though they belong and were meant to be with us from the beginning! I know adapting to a new family can be tough for everyone, but John and I are up for the challenge and want to show children what it means to stand by each other no matter what happens. I also know that our children will also be welcomed and loved by those that I now call my family. 

Meet my Family!

John (my husband, my best friend, my world... I love you!), Erin, My dogs...Wrigley (the elf), Biggio (the reindeer) and Bagwell (Santa, even though you can't tell) I love all of you too!
One without their outfits!
Gotta Love 'em!
Erin's Family (siblings)

Erin's mom with niece, Brooke

nieces, Brooke & Addy

Erin's brother, David with Brooke

Erin's sister, JoAnna with husband, Jeremy and kids Addy and Brooke

John's Family

Erin's Family (siblings)
John's brother, Matt with wife Christy and kids Hannah and Dean

John's Family (probably the most recent photo)

Erin with sisters Christy, Bonnie and Kate (& niece Emma)
John's sisters

John and Erin with nieces, Emma and Hannah and nephew, Dean

Me and my sister at my graduation from college!

Jeremy, JoAnna, Brooke, me and John at Disney World in Florida.

Erin's Family being silly. My mom loves clowns so for her birthday one year we dressed up as clowns

My mom, my hero, my best friend, my inspiration for what I want to be as a mother!
She is an amazing Grandma too!

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