Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random Ramblings....

Last night, I was watching TLC's 19 Kids and Counting. At the end of the show they announced that they were having child #20. They have gotten a lot of criticism from the media for the number of children that they are bringing into the world. I think they are wonderful parents to their 19 children. They are devout Christians and can support their family without welfare so more power to them to have as many children as they want. And God has given them these gifts so I cannot argue with that.

Today, My husband called and told me of a situation of a woman who is considering getting an abortion today. My heart has been heavy all day. I just want to run to this woman and beg her to reconsider her decision to either parent her child or to find a loving family (like John and me) to adopt her baby. I have been praying all day for her as I cannot imagine what she must be feeling right now. Please pray with me for this mother to be.

I desire to have a large family. As much as I would be delighted to be pregnant, I would be extremely happy to parent a child that needs a family. I do not want to birth all of my children like Michelle Duggar, I would like to provide a permanent loving family for abandoned foster kids and orphans, making them simply "my children". We are seeking the Lord in this and of course as always are waiting on His perfect timing.

They only thing that makes me a little upset over the Duggar's announcement is have the Duggar family ever considered adopting a child? If they are so Christian, wouldn't it make sense to grow their family through adoption, foster care and having biological children. With 20 kids, what is a few more, especially when they are such a strong spiritual family. They say that they use their show to witness to the world about their love of  Christ. Imagine what they could do if they adopted a child or participated in the foster to adopt program in the U.S. They would be showing and teaching America about adoption and how important it is for good loving families to adopt. I strongly feel that every Christian family or for that matter every financially stable, loving family in America should adopt at least one child from the kids waiting to be adopted. These kids are typically older with a few issues, but they still need parents.

It is difficult for me to be too hard on those families that have not adopted for it is expensive and not everyone has the means to adopt or would make good adoptive parents. It is our passion to foster and adopt, but John and I have not adopted yet either and are currently doing IVF. We have fostered children in the past and hope to again. I also believe that God orchestrates adoption, but we have to have willing hearts in order for God to work in our lives.

Another thought on my mind is about forced abortions in China. Click on the link to read about it. It is an outrage. Here is another article about the one child policy and forced abortions. It is very sad. It makes me thankful for my rights here in U.S. Rights that include being able to have 20 children if I so choose and God allows in the case of the Duggar family or being able to be a foster or adoptive parent.

I am proud to be an American though I am not proud of America to give us the rights to abort our children.

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