Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What makes me happy... the simple things!

When you are someone who is having to do infertility treatments it is the smallest things in life that make you happy.


[1] coke or cherry coke (and an occasionally dr. pepper)
Did you know that coke's slogan is "a little bit of happiness"? I second that whole heartedly!

...okay I know that I probably shouldn't be drinking caffeine, but last time I didn't and I didn't get pregnant, so I figured this time I am just gonna have a few and relax. I don't drink coffee or alcohol so pop is my one vice. 

[2] When people post comments on my blog. I really haven't had that many comments so I am not even sure who is following this, but it is always fun to see what ppl think of all of this whether positive or negative. Positive is always better of course! John and I were watching homemade videos from podcasts and a website and there was one titled "my aunt jane knows more than my RE". It was funny. Click on the link if you want to watch it. As a graphic designer, I do have to say that the graphics are cheesy... sorry to the person who created it. 

[3] Shopping (for anything, anywhere and with my mom) The most peaceful time to shop is late at night about 10 pm to midnight. My weakness right now is to buy lots of Christmas gifts for the nieces and nephews. John is reigning me in though. Since I can't buy gifts for my children, it is the next best thing!

[4] Finally getting my waterproof ipod shuffle case and headphones in the mail after several attempts of ordering and returning on I had to send 4 back until I got it right. That part could have been on the list of things that do not brighten my day. But getting to use it in the pool today was priceless! 

[5] Swimming laps with my sister Kate (not Sister Kate) she is not a nun. All of the young kids both foster kids and nieces and nephews have always called her Sister Kate. This is really good b/c it helps with my nice bloated belly from my injectables. 

[6] Finding out we have 3 of our 4 snow babies that successfully thawed and will be transferred on Friday, December 2nd. My RE doc wants to transfer 2, but I am going to ask him to transfer 3. Triplets don't scare me! In fact, this past August both John and mom had dreams that we had triplets. Then again, my Aunt Patt says twins, a boy and a girl! So only God knows and that is still best. 

[7] Going to lunch with my best girl buddies from college! We only get to do this about once a month, but it is definitely something to look forward to. 

[8] Funny Stories that just make you belly laugh! This literally just happened to me... John and I were at Ihop ordering take out and John said: "Do you smell gas?" Of course meaning fart gas! I said, "no." Then a lady came in for take out and said to the cashier "Do you smell gas?" meaning natural gas and the cashier said, "no." She turned to me and said, "Do you smell gas?" and I said, "No, but he smelled the other kind of gas" and pointed to John. Her completely clueless said, "Oh you smell gasoline or natural gas?" and I was like yeah natural gas - body gas. And she said, "Yeah, me too!" Then I tried to explain it further telling her it was indeed natural, the fart kind! 

Her: still puzzled. John: telling me to let it go! Me: completely, belly laugh happy. 

[9] Telling ppl our internet password. I had a client meeting at my house today and in order for them to use the internet they must put in our password. I can't say on here what it is, but what I can say is that it has a combination of words such as pee and poop! Probably something I should have changed beforehand in order to come across more professional. Thankfully, I think this particular client has a sense of humor. 

[10] The funny antics that my dogs do! and of course their sweetness! Their latest... eating leftover blueberry waffles. My once white dogs are now purple. Why do they call blueberries blue when they look purple?

[11] My hubby who makes me laugh! His laugh is the best medicine!

[12] Getting to use the "up the crotch" progesterone, instead of the butt shot kind! I will have to use this twice a day for the next 16 days. Still not too fun, but after 14 days of the butt shot last time I will take it! :)

Stay tuned for episode 2 of "Are we pregnant?" 
Airing on Dec. 16th!


  1. Erin, I love your posts!!!! :) Your positivity is inspiring! Keep on letting God lead's a beautiful thing!! :) --Erin (Shay) Bunch

  2. We love you guys and love reading!! You always make us laugh!! I know the Lord has great things in store!!