Friday, December 2, 2011

The Power of Positivity

I have recently changed the name of my blog from to I was recently informed that calling it fallopian failure is not the positivity that I need for this process. I guess I would have to agree. I believe that God is powerful to do anything He wants to do include giving a woman such as myself with 2 bum fallopian tubes a baby or two or three. Now, I am also realistic that God may have other plans for us that does not include having children biologically or any children for that matter. I am trying to trust the Lord in this and at the same time have a hopeful positive attitude that we will one day be parents both biologically and through adoption.

With the transfer happening tomorrow I am excited... not about the actual procedure as that really sucked last time, but I am excited about seeing the pictures of my embryos and the reality that they could become children. I am excited about taking the Valium this time so that I can actually relax through the procedure and that my favorite doctor is the one doing it this time. Also, with this being the second round I am at least at this point more relaxed and less stressed about the 2 week wait. The wait is awful especially for someone like me who is extremely impatient. This time around I will not take a pregnancy test early and I plan to do some light exercise. I am hoping to be able to continue swimming laps but I am not sure I am able to.

I am also going to write a note here for John! These are the questions that I need him to ask the doctor in case I am out of it.


[1] Ask Dr. Thomas to let us transfer all 3 embryos instead of 2. And then we will have used all of our embryos!  :)

[2] Remind me to bring the Valium to the hospital

[3] Make me take it! I do not need to be brave this time.

[4] If I do something funny, videotape it cuz I can laugh at myself and then put it on this blog.

[5] Tell the doctor that I need more support on my feet so that my back is not out of whack!
John, if you have to you can hold my feet up the whole time so they are not dangling. Like that time you saved that woman in the car crash on the side of road. They prob. won't let you though because you would be in the way.

[6] Make sure when I get home I take my meds and the crinone gel. Oh and make me a sandwich!

[7] I would like to watch Modern Family Season 1 and 2 that I found on sale at Target on Black Friday.
That is if I am not asleep. After all I sit and type this at 4:30am

[8] Ask the nurse if I need to sit with my legs over my head like Phoebe did on Friends when she was having her brother's triplets. Also, you can come in the room with me. Talk to the nurse while we are waiting. I am afraid I will say stupid things while on the Valium.

[9] I may be somewhat emotional and stressed. Since I can't show emotion by crying, I get a little.... uh, well you know so be nice to me even if I am being unreasonable. I am very sorry in advance.

[10] I love you!

SEE YOU TOMORROW! I hope you are sleeping well!

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