Friday, December 2, 2011

And now we wait...

Today was the transfer and it went well. Well, at least as good as these types of things can go. I mean it is never a fun experience. If you are a woman you have been to the gyno, just imagine that appt.  x10 but then those of you who have had a baby are one up on me. I figure if I can't take the transfers then I definitely can't take what is to come with childbirth. However, if I am lucky enough to have more than one baby at the same time I might end up with a c-section. If I am blessed with a pregnancy then I will do whatever is necessary for the safe delivery of my children.

We headed to the hospital at about 10:15 am and got there at about 11:00 am. I took my Valium in the car on the way to the hospital and it kicked in within about 10 minutes. It made me quite dizzy and sleepy. After we parked the car we went inside. I was swerving down the halls to the Endoscopy area and a nurse stopped John to ask him if I needed a wheelchair. Haha. I can only imagine how drunk I looked. It was nice of her to ask though I was kinda embarrassed. As soon as I was ready to go back to the transfer area the pill had kinda worn off. I was walking down the hall with my nurse Judy (awesome lady) and I told her I thought I was okay. Then she opened the door and I kinda had to take a step backwards and stumbled a bit. She laughed at me and said, "I guess you can do forward, but you're not so good at reverse." And she was right.

Dr. Thomas, did the transfer and though it was extremely painful it was pain that lasted less than the pain that occurred the last time Dr. Lindheim did the transfer. Apparently my uterus is at a weird angle. I know, I know probably too much information. We asked him if we could use all 3 of our remaining embryos left over from the last fresh cycle and he said yes. If we weren't able to use it, it would have been discarded anyway as it couldn't be refrozen so I was wanting and willing to give it a shot at becoming a baby. The third embryo was only 1 cell so I am not sure if it is strong enough to survive, but we shall see soon enough. The other 2 embryos were 4 cells. I have no idea what that means exactly, but the last ones that didn't work in the fresh cycle were 8 cells. It really doesn't matter what grade and size they are the doctors have said that the best and worst quality embryos have both survived to make babies and really ultimately it is up to God. The RE doctors try to use the best quality embryos.

Now, I sit here with my three little embryo babies, I guess, floating around in my uterus. It is so weird to think about them being in there. For most women, they have no idea that there are actually embryos in them trying to implant when they are procreating the "normal" way. And because of my knowledge of this it makes the next 2 weeks extremely challenging to be patient and wait.

One last note: As I was laying on my stomach for the 1/2 hour wait after the transfer was complete, John looks up and on one of the cabinets was a magnet that looked like a giant bug. I had noticed it too. John was like what the heck is a bug doing in here. He picked it up to look at it closer and apparently it was a fertility goddess shaped like a bug lady (not a lady bug).

This is what we saw on the cabinet door.
This is what it looked like up close. I think she looks like triplets might be in there!

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