Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meet John & Erin (Adoption Packet)

We are still seeking guidance from the Lord in our hopes to start our family. We would like to pursue adoption as well as another round or two of IVF. We are planning to do an FET cycle in July to use our 2 remaining frozen embryos. However, we are also excited about the possibilities of adoption. If any of you know of anyone seeking to choose an adoption plan for their child, please show them our information and blog and maybe we will all be a great fit for each other. See below for the adoption packet that I designed for birth families to initially get a glimpse of who were are as an adoptive couple.

If you have trouble reading the type, email me and I will send you a pdf copy or printed copy if you prefer of the adoption packet. Email me at 

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  1. This is just beautiful!! You all will be truly amazing parents!!