Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not much can irritate me, but one thing that does....

What irritates me: When people say children are blessings from God and that somehow infertile people are not blessed by God because they cannot have children. That we must have some sort of sin in our lives which is the reason we can't get pregnant. They compare infertile-ness to other sins like bulimia. Uhh yeah... like we chose for it to happen.

Yes, children are indeed a gift from God! But those that are infertile are still blessed by God in different ways. We get to sleep in, eat out, finish a whole movie, stay up late, travel, spend our money on ourselves. We don't have to clean up messes, do tons of laundry, chauffeur kids around, etc.

God may have other ministries for us too. And I have to be thankful and content that my overall health is good, I have a loving husband and a great marriage, my families are amazing, we are blessed with great jobs and money to make a good living, a fun sports car just to name a few. God is good and I am blessed!

Of course, I would willing give up all of these selfish things to enjoy receiving and giving love to a child(ren) and growing them up in Lord.

I know that infertile couples often think that they did something wrong. I think the opposite. We did something right... In the example of my husband, John, he is such a caring, giving, loving person! He will make the best possible father because he strives to resemble his heavenly Father. I think that maybe it is our calling to adopt. God knows that we are up to the challenge and that the other "blessed" people with biological children are just not up to that same challenge. I want to adopt and foster children regardless of how many biological children that we have. In fact, we tried to adopt and would still if a birth mother chose us to raise her child. We have our info. into an adoption attorney, we are doing respite foster care and the IVF process. Not one of these is better than the other. IVF is not our first choice or our last choice. A child is our first choice. Because our child, would be our child no matter where they came from... my belly or another mother's belly!

I believe God gives us what we need in order to make us grow closer to him. To some that is singleness.... does that make them "not blessed", to some that is to be married, to others to have children, and to others still not to have children. I believe that I have grown closer to God though my marriage and now through my trial with infertile-ness.

We are all sinners and deserve nothing.... nothing but death in hell (sorry if I am blunt)... But there is hope... God loves us sooooo much that He sent his son, Jesus to die for our sins and that through our faith and belief in His resurrection we can have eternal life.... now to all who accept Jesus as our personal Savior and trust in Him to control or destinies.... those people are truly BLESSED!

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