Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Showers!

This past Sunday was a very busy day, but a very good day. I went to a friend's baby shower after church and it was awesome to be able to celebrate with her. I think of her as a very dear friend. We went to high school together, but then to different colleges and through the years have lost touch with one another. However, I will always think of her as one of my very best friends. It would be awesome if our children will be friends one day.

I am sympathetic to those who are like me and can't get pregnant or (worse in my opinion) suffer from miscarriages not wanting to go to their friend's baby showers. Though, I am different in that I love going to their baby showers and celebrating with them. Not only are they important to me, but their children are important to me. I want to share and spend as much time with them as possible. I want to have a close relationship with my nieces, nephews and friend's children and that starts when they are in the womb.

I had a foster mom friend of mine who has twin girls who are about 2 yrs. old. We would get the kids together when I also had foster children, twin boys. When my kids left and she still had hers, I told her that we were going to use a fertility specialist to help us get pregnant. She understood as she also has not been able to get pregnant. I mentioned to her that I would love to see the girls and she told me that she was hesitant to let me see them as she did not want it to be too hard on me to see them. WHAT? I can't believe she would say that to me. My response to her was I LOVE CHILDREN. That only makes me want to be around children more, not less. I enjoy the presence of children so much more now because I can't get pregnant. I do not cry over my infertility, it is what is... we will pray that God chooses to change it. In the meantime, to my friends, do not keep your pregnancies from me now that you know my situation. It will not make me sad. I will be extremely happy for you and rejoice with you in your gift from GOD. I will support you and buy you presents! :) When my turn comes, I want my friends and family to be there for me so why in the world would I not be there for you!

One of my weaknesses right now in my journey through infertility is I love to buy baby clothes, shoes and other cute baby things. I try to resist the temptation until I know for sure I will actually need those items. The beauty of my weakness is that those of you (my friends and family members) who either have children or are pregnant will only get more gifts from me because I can't help myself. The other temptation on the shopping front is an occasional "I can't get pregnant" Coach purse or pair of Ugg boots! :) See I take my sadness out on the shopping world, not my friends... haha!

I think this is the cutest picture ever! John and his nieces, Brooke & Addy!

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