Friday, September 30, 2011

Egg Growth

I am less than a week away from my egg retrieval. I am really excited about this procedure which is unusual considering I hate hospitals and medical procedures. As a child, I experienced enough surgeries and I almost decided not to undergo any fertility treatment because of this. I had 2 eye surgeries at age 1 and 2 yrs. old to correct strabismus and then kidney valve reconstruction surgery at 10 years old. The kidney valve surgery may be the culprit for the damaged fallopian tubes. My mom remembers the doctors saying that I may have trouble getting pregnant. Which turned out to be true except God has provided the miracle of science to help us and for that I am grateful and very very excited. Today was exciting too because I had another ultrasound to determine my egg growth and progress. Earlier this week was discouraging because my estrogen was low, which is not a problem except for my bank account. I had to up my Bravelle to 5 units a day instead of 3. For 3 days worth of meds it cost me $962. I am hoping that will do it and I don't need anymore. Pray for that!

Normally vaginal ultrasounds are not exciting, but it was fun to see my little potential babies!! Who gets to see that before they find out they are pregnant. I will be able to tell my future children that I saw them at their egg stage, cell division stage, blastocyst stage and embryo stage. The cool part is they will be able to see that too as long as I get copies of the pictures! :) Now even though there are 8 follicles, I am not sure all of them contain an egg or will make it to the fertilization stage. Egg growth is measured by mm and the doc likes them to be between 18 mm and 22 mm before retrieval. A few of mine are 11, a few at 14 one at 16 and one or two are 8. I am hoping that they all do what they are suppose to do and grow! The weird thing is I can feel them growing. It is like period cramps and then lots of pressure!  Retrieval day is tentative for Wednesday, Oct. 5th!

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