Thursday, October 27, 2011

Santa, all I want for Christmas is a baby... not my period!

I shouldn't say Santa... as most of you know... shhh... Santa is not real... but it made for a good title. The real prayer goes up to Jesus.

It is kinda weird having everyone knowing my business with all this trying to get pregnant stuff. Most people don't even tell anyone they are pregnant until about 3 months pregnant. With this blog people know exactly when I am expecting a baby or my period... whichever may happen to come first. But since I started it, I might as well keep it going. I met with the doctor today in order to see what our next steps would be for our next IVF cycle. Well actually FET cycle.

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Martinez came into the room and Dr. Thomas said right away, "Well, I guess it didn't work! You had a 50/50 shot and we ended up on the wrong side!" I was like, "Yep!" Then he said that he would be doing my transfer this time as I had a rough time of it with the other doctor, Dr. Lindheim, who let's face is not as familiar with my lady parts! They have to rotate doctors and though I wanted Dr. Thomas to do the procedure it just didn't work out that way. I was so happy to hear that he will be doing it instead for this cycle, so happy that we high fived. It was kinda funny, but you might have had to be there. The conversation then took a funny turn to my wedding schedules for the rest of year as we were trying to decide when to transfer my little embabies around them. It is amazing they can actually pick the day. Anyway... they asked how weddings were and if the brides getting married were young. I said, "Yeah, pretty young you know 22ish." And Dr. Martinez said, "That's good, you might get some repeat customers!" Which was funny because completely unexpected. As a Christian, I am hoping though that all my brides that have said "I do!" will live long and happy marriages with Christ at the center and that they will not be one of the statistics to end in divorce.

The plan is to start injectable Lupron on my birthday, Nov. 8th.... Happy Birthday to Me! It will be my last year in my 20's. After 5 days on Lupron, I will take Estrogen pills this time... YAY! and no they do not cause Cancer in pre-menopausal women; however, I need to stop reading the pamphlets and blogs. These pills should be so much better than the injectable Bravelle that was used to hyper stimulate my ovaries to produce lots of eggs. This time around will be more natural than the last time since they will be implanting thawed, but once frozen embryos. It is less invasive, less expensive and overall so much better. My ovaries get to stay the size that they are meant to be as they will not have to grow any eggs. As I have already stated, we have 4 embryos to use. The embryologist will thaw them on Nov. 30th and see how they progress. Right now they are at pronuclear stage because they were frozen just after fertilization. We are hoping at least 2 will make it to 8 cells grade A/grade 1 (just like last time) and they will transfer 2 to my uterus and we will see what the Lord wants to do this time around. There is a 35% chance according to science and 50% chance with the fresh cycle. All based on my age and diagnosis. I don't believe in percentages though; I believe it is up to God. It is very possible that they may not make it and then we will have to proceed to the next fresh cycle. As I said before, we have 5 more cycles... and as much as I am ready to be done and just adopt (like I have always wanted anyway) I will most likely finish them all because if I don't, I may always wonder what would have happened. I am not positive, but I am pretty sure that once we quit we can't resume the rest of the cycles at another time. We have to do them all back to back unless there is a medical reason to wait.

The transfer will be Dec. 2nd and this time I WILL TAKE MY VALIUM! :) We are hoping for a baby not my period for Christmas, but still trusting in the Lord Almightly! 

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