Sunday, October 9, 2011

We have some fertilized eggs! YAY!

My egg retrieval went great. I had some twilight drugs which have made me forget most of it, but John got a few videos to capture the moment. The doctor got 14 eggs which is very good for IVF. He even hugged John which was cute. I guess he was very proud of his work. 10 of those eggs successfully fertilized. 4 were frozen and 6 were left in the lab to continue their cell division. They probably have about 4-6 cells right now. On Monday, 2 of the 16-cell hopeful blastocysts will be transferred into my – hopefully very fertile and hospitable – uterus. Not all 6 will reach blastocyst stage and the rest that do not will be frozen for another time. I still can not believe that we are doing IVF. It is so crazy to me that this is even possible. So far I haven't really believed it, but now that we have "almost embryos" it seems real.

For the next 2 weeks, I have to have John give me progesterone injections in my upper buttocks area. This will help make my uterus a wonderful place to grow a child. The first night he used the larger very long needle used to draw up the meds to inject me. Ouch! This drug has to reach my muscle. It hurt like heck! :) This was per the instructions, but I asked the nurse the next day and she said to use skinnier needle the next time. My future kids are already becoming a pain in my ass! j/k – I love them already, or at least the thought of them. We used the long, but slightly skinnier needle tonight and it doesn't hurt as bad. I could not sleep on my right side last night and it still feels like I did 1,000 wall sits, squats and any other butt exercise that you can think of. Or maybe like someone kicked me in both sides of my butt. The stomach injections were cake compared to these.

This first video is a message to my future kids... I feel kinda dumb putting it on here, but if I don't I am sure it will get lost in the shuffle of files that aren't client related. I am super organized with my client files, but not so much with my personal ones.

I got bored waiting to go in for my procedure, so John and I decided to have a little fun with my iphone video camera. I decided to imitate David goes to the Dentist from You Tube. I could only remember a few parts from it, but with my Valium kicking in, I thought it was the funniest thing ever. We were laughing hysterically. I hope we weren't disturbing the colonoscopy patients from their farting quartet. Here is my rendition...

I told John to really video tape me after the procedure because I wanted to see if I did or said anything funny or crazy. It was pretty funny. I am very curious to know what I did during the procedure because with the twilight drug you are still somewhat conscious, but just can't remember anything. My doctor came in singing and I wonder if I decided to continue with the serenade after I was kinda asleep. I fully plan to ask them on Monday at my embryo transfer.

Enjoy! Feel free to comment. I am not sensitive about my infertility and I would love to know what people think about all this. 

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